What is a Templestay?

What is a Templestay

A Templestay program is to give a chance to experience Korean Buddhist traditional culture that well preserved cultural property and practice of Seon meditation. This basic 24-hour overnight program provides participants to relax, reflect and revitalize themselves so this experience could make them to be positive and to elevate their life. Templestays offer various kinds of practicing methods such as Yebul (ceremonial service involving chanting), Chamseon(Zen meditation), Dado (tea ceremony) and Baru gongyang(Buddhist formal monastic meal). Participants can find their 'true self' amongst the harmony of nature while staying at a temple

What is a Templelife?

A Templelife is 2~4 hours Temple program designed to give people inner Temple experiences to help understand Korean Buddhism and the life of monks better. Main activities are Temple tour, chamseon(Zen meditation), and dado(tea ceremony)